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I’m locked out. What should I do?

You might end up accidentally locking your keys in the car or face a troublesome lock that refuses to provide access into your vehicle. What should you do? You can try calling a car dealer but that option is going to be heavy on your pockets. The slow response time is also a no-go, especially if you’re caught up in an emergency. Do not let a simple automotive lockout ,  frustrate you or keep you from your day’s plans. Here is what you should do instead:

  • Munks Corners OH Locksmith Store Columbus, OH 614-641-0980Stay calm
  • Make sure you are not blocking traffic
  • Check for spare keys
  • See if you’ve left any doors or windows unlocked
  • If you cannot find a solution on your own, call for a locksmith at Munks Corners OH Locksmith Store
  • Stay by your vehicle and wait for help to arrive
  • Do not attempt to open the car forcefully and cause damage

Why should you call our professionals?

  • Quick resolution:

Once we reach the site, ourautomotive lockout specialists can unlock your car in a maximum of 10 minutes so it is more convenient to call them instead of attempting to open it on your own.

  • Damage-free car unlock:

If you call a locksmith from Munks Corners OH Locksmith Store to deal with the automotive lockout, we ensure that a completely non-destructive approach is employed. The expertise of our locksmiths and their equipment makes sure your door is unlocked without causing any damage to the car.

  • Emergency services:

Our response time is minimal and we provide services everywhere in area. Hence, if you’re caught in a fix, instead of waiting endlessly to acquire help, you can rely on us for emergency services.


Having tackled innumerable automotive lockouts  in the past, we know exactly what to do once we get to your location. After a quick assessment of the situation, we will come up with a solution that will enable you to gain access into your vehicle right away. Whether your car’s lock requires repair or whether you require new transponder car keys, thanks to the tools and equipment that we’ve got with us, we can provide a wide range of services onsite.

Are you facing an automotive  lockout  in Munks Corners? Do not worry!  Give Munks Corners OH Locksmith Store a call on 614-641-0980